Five Daily tips for a better life:

1. Thank the Lord for your blessings.
2. Dont' text and drive! This is bad for         your health.
3. Don't HATE on other people's                 success.
4. Eat Broccoli and chicken adobo.
5. Don't forget to drink your milk son!

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Welcome to the Official Website of DJ Streak. Streak is a World Acclaimed Scratch DJ who's been rockin' the industry since the late 90's. Here's a place where you can look and get into the mind of DJ Streak.

"Innovation is my Motivation to succeed!~ DJ Streak

July 26th, 2014

     DJ Streak is now open for bookings for the rest of 2014! Open formatted and multi-genre, DJ Streak can do it all! From performing Scratch routines, to the ultimate party rockin' in front of thousands of energetic fans. Streak brings the "Entertainer" into the DJ world!

     Book now for all sorts of events! Corp Events, Mobile Events, Concerts, heck...Streak will even DJ your kid's 16th Birthday! Streak can also be hired for an Awesome Event Emcee too! This guy does it all!

- The Streak Team 2014

Celebrity Summit - DJ Streak Aug 2nd to Aug 17th 2014
HUNTSVILLE, AL - AUG 22, 2014!!!
Party Rockin!
Spring Break is always crackin!
Come join me on your next cruise!
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